is about finding
inner peace
of yourself
your current situation,
with the knowledge
nothing lasts forever
and your life
and circumstances
will change,
for the better
or worse
, depending
on the
you make
You have the power
to change.
It's all up to you.


Pagan Scriptures

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Naturesong welcomes you!

Hello, I'm glad you're here.

Sometimes we all just need something to help us get through the day, and this is my exploration of the things that help me.

What can we do to feel better about ourselves and have some more inner peace?

-Unplug for a day, or even a few hours; a personal retreat from the world. Take time for yourself away from tv, cell phone, computers, tablets and everything else always vying for our attention and just take some time for you. Don't feel guilty about taking that time, it's a way to refresh yourself for the world. Maybe a nice bubble bath followed by some quiet reading time, or go outside, take a walk and enjoy nature, or do a craft.



I am not a doctor, priest, or any kind of religious guru, just a spiritual seeker who wants to share what I've learned throughout the years.